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Power electronics and high voltages use isolated voltage probes

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Post Date: 2022-05-08, Spectrum Digital Inc

     Saelig now offers the Saker-MV ISOVP probe - a new voltage probe that facilitates high voltage isolation measurements via fiber optic cables. Fiber isolation provides high voltage safety and increases signal integrity due to the absence of induced interference from external fields. This also allows for higher common-mode rejection than conventional differential probes. 

     The probe can be put on standby remotely or even shut down to improve user safety and save battery power. As a result, users do not need to enter potentially dangerous areas of high voltage to shut down equipment when no measurement is required. Up to 15 meters of fiber optic cable can be installed between the probe head and the receiver. The probe uses a standard 1.5V AA battery with an LED indicating low battery.

     The probe has minimal input capacitance and enables high frequency measurements. Typical analog optical links tend to produce small power variations due to connector mismatches, temperature drifts, and offsets. The device employs a proprietary algorithm to calibrate the link and eliminate these errors. This increases overall accuracy and saves setup time compared to other optical devices.

       The probe can be used with any 50 ohm terminal oscilloscope. This gives developers the freedom to use the range of numbers they choose and control their investment costs. The probe is supplied with standard camera tripod mounting threads. This makes it easier to place the probe in closely spaced cabinets or power modules to maintain the proper clearance distance, while it can perform "hot" calibration without input disconnection, so no access to high voltage areas is required throughout the operation. This means saving time and improving user security. 

       Another useful feature keeps the probe system on standby or turns off the probe from the receiver so that the user does not need to enter potentially high voltage areas throughout the test. Most high-end oscilloscopes offer a proprietary input connector that forces the user to choose the oscilloscope accessory supplied by the manufacturer。

       Applications include power electronics, multilevel power inverters (CHB, NPC, FC), floating sensor output, EMC/ESD measurement, differential measurement, high voltage research, partial discharge measurement, wind power and electric vehicle power systems, etc.