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Qorvo Introduces Fully Integrated Ultra-Wideband Modules to Accelerate Industrial IoT Adoption

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Post Date: 2022-08-03, Quadcept Inc.

      Qorvo, Inc., a leading provider of RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure and aerospace and defense applications, announces a fully integrated ultra-wideband (UWB) module that can be deployed in factories, warehouses, automation and security systems Stable and reliable ultra-wideband. The DWM3001C is designed to accelerate Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as tags, access control, asset tracking, security bubble environments, and more. The module provides proven interoperability and simplifies close interaction between the user and the device.

    "The DWM3001C provides a seamless solution to enable FiRa-compliant applications for a variety of industrial uses and reduce time-to-market for customers, thereby reducing costly RF development," said Ciaran Connell, general manager of Qorvo's Ultra Wideband team.

     Qorvo's DWM3001C provides a certified integrated modem solution that simplifies ultra-wideband deployment in a variety of systems using standard low-power MCUs. The ultra-fine positioning accuracy of UWB enables developers to provide contextual awareness to their systems of connected devices, creating a simple, smart and secure user experience.

     Qorvo's ultra-wideband solutions are compliant with the IEEE 802.15.4z standard, as well as the FiRa Alliance PHY-MAC specification and the Connected Vehicles Consortium (CCC) specification. As a member of FiRa and CCC, Qorvo remains committed to ensuring device interoperability and expanding the UWB ecosystem.