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Quick connect SMA adapter ideal for test and measurement applications

Technology Cover
Post Date: 2019-05-26, Amphenol RF Division
Amphenol RF has released the SMA Quick-Connect adapter, a direct-to-inline configuration that is part of a variety of coaxial adapter portfolios. This precision-machined 50 ohm adapter quickly and easily mates with all current threaded SMA jack and plug connectors. The adapter simply converts any standard SMA plug test cable into a quick connect cable without compromising the electrical integrity of the component. The adapter supports the same high-quality coupling of the threaded interface that buyers expect. In addition, this SMA adapter uses a unique push-to-thread, pull-out connector that can be mated or unmated without tools. Using this adapter with an existing SMA Plug test cable can reduce the time and effort required during the test, while also extending the life expectancy of the test cable.

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