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ROHM - New shunt resistors contribute to miniaturisation in high power applications

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Post Date: 2021-06-21, Rohm Semiconductor

ROHM has developed the GMR320 series shunt resistor with a rated power of 10W. This series is the product with the highest rated power in its high-power and low-ohm GMR series product line, designed for high-power applications in automobiles, industrial equipment and household appliances.

The newly developed series of resistance values ​​range from 5mOhm to 100mOhm, with a rated power of 10W, which is very suitable for automotive engine ECUs and headlamps, as well as power supplies for motors and industrial equipment and household appliances. The unique structure and optimized materials make this series reduce the surface temperature rise by 23% compared with the standard products. Even if it is the smallest size among the 10W resistors on the market, it can ensure a high degree of durability against overcurrent loads. In addition, the high-performance metal alloys of resistance materials provide low TCR, enabling reliable and high-precision current detection even at low resistance values.

The company newly developed this series of high-power, low-resistance shunt resistors, and at the same time extended the rated power of the high-power ultra-low resistance PSR series to the high-power range of 15W. In addition, these two series are in line with the AEC-Q200 automotive passive component reliability standard, which can ensure a maximum operating temperature of 170C, and can provide high reliability even in particularly harsh vehicle environments (such as engine compartments).

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