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Renesas - Solution for automotive cameras enables high-definition video

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Post Date: 2021-09-27, Renesas Electronics America

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced a new automotive high-definition link (AHL) technology that helps automakers create high-definition video through low-cost cables and connectors that currently support standard-definition video. High-definition video is increasingly important for vehicle security systems that implement object recognition functions. AHL can be used in conjunction with other products such as R-Car automotive SoC, RH850 MCU, automotive PMIC and analog components to cost-effectively implement multiple safety functions in almost any vehicle.

The new RAA279971 AHL encoder and RAA279972 decoder use modulated analog signals to transmit video at a transmission rate that is ten times lower than the transmission rate required to transmit high-definition signals digitally. The lower transmission rate means that traditional twisted-pair cables and standard connectors can be used, just like existing analog video cables and connectors. On the other hand, digital links such as SerDes require highly shielded cables, and high-end connectors that cost much higher than AHL may need to be replaced after five to seven years, and are difficult to wire due to bending radius limitations.

AHL has strong anti-noise ability, has a two-way control channel, its function is independent of video data, and can initialize, program and monitor the camera module. A key AHL performance and cost-reducing function can simultaneously control the camera through the same pair of wires (UTP) during the entire video transmission process. Compared with digital links, another security advantage is its performance. In rear-view camera applications, the digital link will be degraded due to the failure of the wiring harness or connector assembly, because weak signals will generate macroblocks, thereby hiding most of the visible area. For comparison using the same cable under the same conditions, the AHL link will show a slight change in video color or contrast. Nonetheless, all pixels will appear on the screen, and the image will accurately identify objects or people behind the vehicle.

Niall Lyne, Vice President of Renesas Electronics’ Automotive Analog Power and Video Business Unit, said: “Advanced safety systems are no longer just for luxury cars. “The AHL system enables our automotive customers to now provide these features in all new cars, including economical models. Model. "

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