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Renesas Electronics Introduces Highly Integrated Advanced Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless System-on-Chip

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Post Date: 2022-06-22, Renesas Electronics America

Renesas Electronics, a global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the launch of the SmartBond™ DA1470x product family of Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) solutions – an advanced integrated system-on-chip (SoC) for wireless connectivity.

The DA1470x product family is the only solution in Bluetooth low energy technology that integrates power management unit, hardware voice activity detector (VAD), graphics processing unit (GPU) and Bluetooth® low energy connectivity all in a single chip. Its diverse capabilities provide smart IoT devices with advanced sensor and graphics capabilities, as well as seamless, ultra-low-power, always-on audio processing. As a result, this new product family also includes wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, glucose monitor readers and other consumer medical and healthcare devices, home appliances with displays, industrial automation and security systems, and Ideal for Bluetooth control of e-bikes and gaming devices.

"The DA1470x product family successfully extends Renesas' multi-function integration strategy to include greater processing power, expanded memory, and improved Power modules, and VADs for always-on wake-up and command word detection capabilities. This feature-rich SoC family enables developers to push the boundaries of connected consumer and industrial applications and future-proof their IoT products for multiple applications demand, while optimizing its material costs”

The high level of integration further reduces bill of materials (BOM) costs, enabling cost-effective system solutions. It also reduces the number of components on the PCB, enabling a smaller form factor design and making room for additional components or a larger battery. System reliability is improved due to fewer components on the PCB, further reducing the total cost of sales (COGS) of the end product.

The SmartBond DA1470x product family has been widely recognized by the market. For example, DA14706 has become the core device of the newly launched Mi Band 7. The band features a striking 1.62-inch, 192 x 490 resolution AMOLED display with 120 sports modes and a typical battery life of 15 days.

Key Features of the DA1470x Wireless SoC

 Multi-core system - Arm® Cortex®-M33 processor as main application core, Cortex-M0+ as sensor node controller

 Integrated 2D GPU and display controller, support DPI, JDI parallel, DBI and single/dual/quad SPI interface

 Configurable MAC supports Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.2 and proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol

 Integrated 720mA JEITA standard USB charger, support rechargeable Li-ion/Li-polymer battery

 PMU integrated low quiescent current SIMO DC/DC converter efficiently powers internal systems and external components

 Ultra-low power hardware VAD for seamless and always-on audio processing

Successful product portfolio

Renesas has combined the new DA1470x with multiple components from its broad embedded processing, analog, power and connectivity portfolio to create two new successful product portfolios: one for wearable activity trackers and the other for lightweight Dashboard of an electric car. Based on compatible devices in its product portfolio, Renesas has now launched more than 300 "Successful Product Portfolios" to help users speed up the design process and time to market.

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