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STMicroelectronics introduces new products to improve performance and energy efficiency for iot and embedded applications

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Post Date: 2023-04-21, STMicroelectronics

     STMicroelectronics' STM32 microcontroller (MCU) product family at the forefront of the market has been expanded again, and the new STM32U5 chip has been launched, which improves performance while reducing power consumption, prolonging battery life and improving energy efficiency. STM32U5 has obtained NIST embedded random number entropy source certification, which is the first universal MCU in the industry.

   The STM32U5 series is powered by Arm's latest generation of embedded processor cores, the Cortex-M33, which incorporates advanced technologies to improve performance, energy efficiency, network and hardware attack defense. Around this processor core, stmicroelectronics integrated ST's ultra low-power MCU expertise and implemented a network security architecture using Arm's existing methods. Some of the products in the series also offer 2.5D graphics accelerators. Therefore, this new line of products is very groundbreaking, the entire line of products are pin-to-pin compatible, software compatible, can be directly used to design the next generation of applications.

   The STM32U5 MCU expands code and data storage capacity to 128Kbyte flash for cost-sensitive applications, while adding a high-capacity version for complex applications and a complex user interface similar to a smartphone. STM32U59x/5Ax, which integrates 4Mbyte flash memory and 2.5Mbyte SRAM, has the largest on-chip memory capacity among the STM32 MCU products so far.

  With enhanced capabilities, the new STM32U5 MCU effectively enables deeply embedded applications such as environmental sensors, industrial actuators, building automation, smart appliances, wearables, electric vehicle controls, and more, especially those installed in remote, difficult-to-access locations. As smart work and smart lifestyles continue to evolve around the world, the deployment of deep embedded devices in these fields has reached billions. The new STM32U5 MCU accelerates the deployment of deep embedded devices by improving the performance, power efficiency and network security of these applications.

    The entire STM32 MCU is based on the industry standard Arm® Cortex®-M embedded processor core and is equipped with the powerful and easy-to-use STM32Cube and StM32Cubed.AI development ecosystem. The ecosystem integrates hardware and software development tools to support customer development efforts from project start to finish, including converting pre-trained neural networks into optimized code to create cutting edge AI/ML solutions.

    Ricardo De Sa Earp, Executive Vice President of STMicroelectronics Universal MicroController Sub-Products, said: "Many applications require more functionality, richer graphics and faster performance, while demanding longer battery life, smaller batteries and power harvesting capabilities, which is why we are expanding the STM32U5 series today. This MCU integrates Arm's latest processor cores with our unique ultra-low power technology, large capacity on-chip memory, and the NeoChrom graphics engine (optional) to enhance the user's visual experience."

    Among the many customers of the STMicroelectronics STM32U5 series, Ajax Systems is already using this new MCU to design the next generation of advanced wireless security and smart home solutions. "Partnering with ST, a global semiconductor market giant, can help Ajax iterate on product upgrades," said Max Melnyk, Director of Research and Development, Ajax Devices Division. The STM32U5 series significantly reduces power consumption while maintaining original processing performance comparable to other built-in DSPS and floating point coprocessor MCUS. 90% of our existing code is reusable. Integrating large capacity SRAM on chip was our second big advantage, being able to handle dual-frame buffering requirements and achieve fast and smooth graphics performance. The new line also has a large flash memory that can be used to hold resources. I believe this new family of products will accelerate the development of the next generation of Ajax products."

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