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Silicon Labs - 5G small cells with complete power over Ethernet portfolio

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Post Date: 2020-04-07, Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs has launched a comprehensive PoE product portfolio that reduces the price and complexity of adding 90W PoE to PSE and PD. The new product portfolio complies with the IEEE 802.3bt standard, which has more than doubled the standard PoE power and expanded the functionality of wireless access points and IoT wireless gateways. The higher power capabilities of this product portfolio help make PoE-powered 5G small cells and digital buildings a reality.

Brian Mirkin, Vice President and General Manager of Silicon Labs Power Products, said: "Silicon Labs' 802.3bt PoE product portfolio provides higher power, excellent integration, and advanced features to help developers simplify system design while meeting stringent Power, size and cost budget. " "Our new PoE product portfolio covers both ends of Ethernet cables from 15 W to 90 W, providing developers with flexible options for a variety of PSE and PD applications."

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