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TDK - Extremely small TVS diodes for highly effective ESD protection

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Post Date: 2021-06-19, TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation now offers miniature high-power TVS diodes for ESD protection, adding its component portfolio for bidirectional overvoltage protection of I/O interfaces. The so-called chip-scale package (CSP) space requirement is only 400×200μm2 (CSP01005) or 600×300μm2 (CSP0201), and the package height of 100μm is also very low.

The new TVS diode type is suitable for 5V working voltage and 6.8V response voltage. The clamping voltage of these two new components is 7.2V at 8A peak pulse current, or 8V at 16A peak pulse current. The parasitic capacitances of these devices are different: SD0201SL-GP101 has a capacitance of 12 pF, while SD01005SL-GP101 has a capacitance of only 5 pF. Other features include short response time and low leakage current (only 2nA at 3.3V).

The protection components are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61000-4-2 and are used for ESD contact discharges up to 24kV, which exceed the standard requirements. According to IEC 61000-4-5 (8/20 µs), despite their small size, they can withstand high inrush current loads up to 8A.

The new TVS diodes are very suitable for a variety of IoT, smart home and Industry 4.0 applications. Due to their extremely small size, these devices are ideal for wearables, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and hearing aids.

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