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TDK - Two new series of rugged three-phase AC-filter capacitors

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Post Date: 2020-12-09, TDK Corporation

TDK has provided two new series of EPCOS power capacitors for AC filtering in three-phase delta connection applications. The B32375* series is designed for the low to medium power range, covering the capacitance spectrum from 3 x 5µF to 3 x 50µF, and the rated voltage is 250VRMS to 600VRMS. The diameter of the tank is 50mm or 63.5mm, and the height varies between 128mm and 275mm depending on the capacity and voltage. These capacitors have faston terminals and can be installed directly.

The B32376 * series is designed for high power, with a capacitance range of 3 x 10µF to 3 x 400µF, and a rated voltage of 250VRMS to 1000VRMS. The diameter of the tank is 116mm or 136mm, and the height is between 200mm and 275mm. These capacitors have screw terminals M10 for safe installation. This series of capacitors is also available in a version with a vibration resistance of 20g.

Compared with previous capacitors, a key feature of the new capacitors is an improved safety device that meets IEC-61071, which eliminates welding requirements. In the case of a continuous hot spot working temperature of 85°C and 200,000 hours of 70°C, the service life can reach 100,000 hours.

The main application area is the input and output filters of high-performance converters, for example in traction applications or in the field of renewable energy.

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