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TDK Introduces Small Redundant Analog TMR Angle Sensor

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Post Date: 2022-08-04, TDK Corporation

    TDK has introduced an angle sensor based on TAS4240 TMR technology for automotive and industrial applications, adding a new member to its portfolio of tunnel magnetoresistive (TMR) angle sensors. Housed in a compact TSSOP8 package, the TAS4240 provides dual redundant analog single-ended sine/cosine outputs. The sensor enables precise angle measurement in applications where space is limited and high performance is required. Samples of the TAS4240 are available now, and mass production has begun in April 2022.

     As a 360° angle sensor, the TAS4240 is ideal for accurately measuring the rotor position of BLDC motors in safety-critical applications such as power steering, brake boosters or traction motors. *The sensor has four TMR half bridges capable of providing dual independent sine/cosine outputs. The system can achieve high safety levels up to ASIL D, with high availability of position information even when one of the outputs fails. Depending on the system architecture, the sensor can also support failover concepts.

     The development and application of TDK's state-of-the-art TMR technology benefits from its long-term expertise in magnetic sensor technology, while the company has successfully achieved small-package integration of complex TMR technologies, thereby optimizing its sensor products. The sensor's angular accuracy remains stable in the presence of temperature fluctuations, as well as at various stages of the sensor's life. The deterministic behavior of the TAS4240 over extended magnetic field ranges opens up new application possibilities, even in harsh environments.

Main applicator

● Commutation of Brushless DC (BLDC) and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) in safety-relevant environments (electronic power steering, brake boosters, etc.).

● Linear position sensing using TAS4240 sensor array

● Industrial servo motors, automation, encoders, robots

Key Features and Benefits

● 360° non-contact angle measurement;

● In the ambient temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, an extremely high angular accuracy of ±1.0 ° can be achieved;

● Redundancy: 2× single-ended output;

● Low power consumption;

● Support radial sensing concept;

● Optimized for automotive (AEC-Q100) and industrial applications.

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