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TE Connectivity - Connectors provide modular power, signal and data solution

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Post Date: 2019-06-18, TE Connectivity Passive Product
The Intercontec connector provided by TE Connectivity has a simple design and simple assembly. The company's connectors provide reliable, customized solutions for data, power and signal transmission. These modular, versatile connectors are ideal for a variety of applications including robotics, medical equipment, drive systems, chemical engineering, aerospace and transportation. Available connectors come in a variety of sizes, features, and power levels, all of which are color-coded to prevent misconnections when connecting complex devices. The connector provides an innovative 1/8 quick-lock system that helps reduce installation time and reduces the possibility of failure during field installation. All connectors have an IP66 / 67 degree of protection (unless explicitly stated otherwise) to comply with EN 60529 qualification. The 617 series is a 12- or 17-pin signal connector that supports a maximum power of 7A and is available with M17 thread or SpeedTec quick-locking fasteners. The 623 series are M23 signal connectors that support designs requiring up to 160V and 20A. The 615 and 915 series are signal and power connectors, including ytec and itec quick-locking fasteners. The company's 917 series power connector is an M17 threaded connector that supports a maximum power of 20A and 4, 7, or 9 pins. The 923 series power connector is a M23 threaded connector with a maximum power of 200A, while the 958 series power connector has a maximum power of 150A and a voltage of 630V. The modular architecture of the connectors makes them compatible in various combinations, while its plug-and-play concept allows quick installation and easy replacement of defective parts.

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