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TVS in SMC provide high power density with low clamping ratio for industry

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Post Date: 2022-06-21, Vishay Sfernice

   Vishay Intertechnology has released three new 24V surface mount XClampR TVs, bidirectional devices that provide high power density over a wide operating temperature range of -55C to +175C for automotive, telecom and industrial applications. Provides high peak pulse power consumption equivalent to 7kW of conventional TVs, 10/1000µs for SMC (DO-214AB) package and 10/10,000µs for DO-218AB.

     The XMC7K24CA family of devices features a low clamping voltage of 24V maximum and delivers a higher peak pulse current (Ippm) of 180A at 10/1000µs - equivalent to the 7kW power rating of a conventional TV - in an SMC package. The XLD5A24CA and XLD8A24CA series have a maximum clamping voltage of 26V, and 10/10000 μs provides 1ppm of 120A and 180A, which are equivalent to the 4.6kW and 7kW power ratings of conventional TVs in the DO 218AB package, respectively.

     Developed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients caused by inductive load switching and lightning, TVS is mainly used in automotive load dump protection and signal line protection in industrial robotic arms and telecommunication systems. And ideal for high-reliability applications, the TVS is available in an AEC-Q101 qualified version, offering a very stable breakdown voltage of 26.7V to 29.5V over the entire operating temperature range.

     For applications with isolation voltages greater than 24V, such as 48V BSG and ISG generators in mild HEV - XLD5A24CA, XLD8A24CA and XMC7K24CA series devices can be connected in series with standard TVS. The device is RoHS compliant, halogen free, and offers an MSL of 1 and an LF maximum peak of 245C per J-STD-020.

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