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Texas Instruments - Operational amplifiers for audio and industrial applications where signal fidelity is crucial

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Post Date: 2019-10-07
Texas Instruments OPA1656 Burr-Brown operational amplifiers were created specifically for audio and industrial applications where maintaining signal fidelity is critical. The op amp provides a FET input architecture that achieves a low voltage noise density of 2.9nV / ��Hz and a current noise density of 6fA / ��Hz. This provides very low noise performance in a wide variety of circuits. This device provides a high bandwidth and high open loop gain design, which can produce 0.000355% (-129dB) of low distortion at 20kHz, and enhance the fidelity of the audio signal over the entire audio bandwidth. This device has excellent output current driving capability, allows rail-to-rail output swing within 250mV of the power supply under 2kOhm load, and can provide 100mA output current. With a supply current of 3.9mA, the device can operate over an ultra-wide power supply range of �� 2.25V to �� 18V or (4.5V to 36V). This includes power limitations for many types of audio products. The device is specified over the �C40C to + 125C temperature range and is available in an eight-lead SOIC package. Typical applications include sound bars, turntables, DJ controllers, mixers and other DJ equipment, professional audio mixers or control panels, high-fidelity D / A converters, guitar effect pedals, guitar amplifiers and other instrument amplifiers; Professional microphones and wireless systems, headphones and earphones; and vibration analysis.

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