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The first co-package optics for market hybrid optoelectronic interconnection

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Post Date: 2022-09-21, Molex, LLC

Molex now offers the first market-ready pluggable module solution for CPOs. Its new ELSIS is a complete system consisting of cages, optical and electrical connectors, and a pluggable module, using proven technology to accelerate the development of hyperscale data centers. CPO is a next-generation technology that moves optical connections from the front panel to inside the host system—right next to high-speed integrated circuits.

"From high-speed networking chips to graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI engines, the demand for I/O bandwidth continues to escalate," said Tom Marrapode, director of advanced technology development at Molex Optical Solutions. "By placing optics closer to ASICs , CPO will address the increasingly complex issues associated with high-speed electrical traces, including signal integrity, density and power consumption. "

Currently, the company is sampling the ELSIS hybrid opto-connector and cage system, giving engineers a leading starting point in development and testing – well ahead of industry adoption of CPO. Companion design and development materials for fully pluggable modular systems, including 3D models, technical drawings and detailed specifications.

ELSIS also has advantages as a comprehensive, all-in-one solution. The external laser source system contains complex opto-electrical connectors, pluggable modules, internal host system fiber optic cables and cages. By creating all these elements in-house, the company created a complete, fully engineered system that avoided the lengthy design cycles required to combine these components. The result is a highly interoperable, high-performance system that offers designers and end users a plug-and-play experience.

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