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Toshiba - LDO regulator series delivers enhanced power rail stabilisation

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Post Date: 2021-03-01, Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched the TCR3RM series of low-noise ultra-compact LDO regulators. This series of products are produced in a plastic DFN4C package with a size of 1mm x 1mm x 0.38mm, including 32 product variants, with a fixed single output voltage ranging from 0.9VDC to 4.5VDC.

This series has high ripple rejection ratio, the typical value is 100dB at 1kHz frequency when using 2.8V output. Unlike other LDO regulators, in this case, the frequency of the ripple rejection ratio is usually reduced by 20dB for every 10 times increase in frequency, and the drop in this series is much lower. The rejection ratio at 1MHz and 2.8V output is 68dB. For many designs, especially DC-DC converters, electrical noise is an increasingly severe challenge. In these designs, higher switching frequencies are used to improve conversion efficiency. The ripple suppression characteristics of this series and its low noise characteristics (usually 5µVrms when 10Hz≤f≤100kHz) help to improve the stability and voltage accuracy of the power line.

The maximum output current of this series of products is 300mA, using bandgap circuit, low-pass filter and low noise, high-speed operational amplifiers provide excellent ripple suppression and output noise indicators for the regulator.

Under 2.8V/300mA output, the dropout voltage is usually 130mV. The input voltage range of the entire series is 1.8V to 5.5V. The regulator has over-current protection, automatic discharge and thermal shutdown safety functions.

This regulator is ideal for use in a variety of portable and wearable devices, including sensors, RF devices, and IoT applications or any application where the available circuit board space is at a premium and requires high-density mounting.

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