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Toshiba - New voltage drive photorelay reduces equipment size and power consumption

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Post Date: 2019-10-27, Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage
 Toshiba Europe offers a new voltage-driven photorelay with a slim S-VSON4T package and reduced input power consumption. The new product TLP3407SR provides a maximum LED current of only 1mA at the input, which means that its predecessor TLP3407SRH has reduced the current by about 33%. This allows the device to provide a maximum input power consumption of 3.3mW. In order to use higher voltages of 5V or higher, a new product can be powered by combining an external resistor in series, allowing designers to achieve a maximum trigger LED current of 0.2mA. This increases the allowable input voltage range and simplifies circuit design. With reduced input power consumption, the new voltage-driven photorelays are ideally suited to reduce the power consumption of multiple devices including probe cards, ATE, semiconductor testers, and other similar applications. This device uses a small S-VSON4T package, and its mounting area / footprint is only 2.9mm2. Compared with the existing VSONR4 package, it is reduced by about 27%. As a result, the new product can help reduce the size of the final product or increase the number of photorelays that can be installed in a fixed space.

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