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Toshiba - MOSFET gate driver switch for intelligent power devices

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Post Date: 2020-08-25, Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage

Toshiba Europe Electronics now offers two new gate driver switching smart power devices. TPD7106F and TPD7107F are fully compliant with the AEC-Q100 standard, and can be used to control the conduction and cut-off of the current provided to the automotive ECU, including the junction box and the body control module. They are also ideal for power distribution modules and semiconductor relays.

When combined with the company's low on-resistance N-channel automotive MOSFETs such as TPHR7904PB (40V/150A) or TPH1R104PB (40V/120A)), these IPDs can be used as high-end switches to control load current. These new solid-state devices can replace mechanical relays, thereby reducing the size and power consumption of automotive ECUs. Because they have no moving parts, there are no contact wear problems associated with mechanical relays, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

The new IPD has a built-in boost circuit, which can greatly reduce the BoM cost and the number of components. In standby mode, the power supply current of the TPD7106F is as low as 5μA (maximum), while the power supply current of the TPD7107F is as low as 3μA (maximum) to ensure efficient operation. TPD7106F uses a compact 16-pin SSOP package, while TPD7107F uses a WSON10A package. Both work in a wide temperature range, TPD7107F supports -40C to +125C, and TPD7106F supports -40C to +150C.

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