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Toshiba - Two-phase stepping motor driver IC addresses automotive sector needs

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Post Date: 2020-09-02, Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage

Toshiba Electronics introduced the TB9120AFTG. This constant current two-phase bipolar stepping motor driver is used in automobiles, which can greatly simplify the realization of the motor system. It provides a sine wave output signal (supports up to 1/32 incremental steps), and only requires a simple clock input. Avoid the need for complex MCU or special software.

Each driver IC compliant with AEC-Q100 includes a low on-resistance DMOS FET and can provide 1.5A (maximum) current. Since it supports a large number of microsteps, it can greatly reduce the motor noise and provide smoother operation and more precise control. The built-in mixed decay mode is used to stabilize the current waveform. Includes many protection mechanisms, including overcurrent and overheat detection and thermal shutdown. Also includes stall detection function.

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