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How to maximize the efficiency of SiC traction inverter by real-time variable grid drive strength?

Post on May 22, 2023
Traction inverters are the main battery drain components in electric vehicles (EVs), with power levels up to 150kW or higher. The efficiency and performance of traction inverter directly affect the driving range of electric vehicle after a single charge. Therefore, in order to build the next generation of traction inverter systems, silicon carbide (SiC) field effect transistor (FET) is widely used in the industry to achieve higher reliability, efficiency and power density.

Do you know the 8 application circuits of operational amplifiers?

Post on April 24, 2023
Do you know the 8 application circuits of operational amplifiers?
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How do you configure an op-amp in a typical gain control circuit?

Post on April 21, 2023
This technical presentation requires an understanding of how to configure an operational amplifier in a typical gain control circuit. The applications of linear and nonlinear digital potentiometers are discussed. This article gives an overview of the basic techniques required to convert audio and other potentiometer/op amp applications from conventional mechanical potentiometers to solid state potentiometers

Simple way to limit current using integrated MOSFeTs

Post on April 17, 2023
The current in an electronic circuit usually has to be limited. In USB ports, for example, excessive current must be prevented to provide reliable protection for the circuit. Also in the power bank, the battery must be prevented from discharging. Too high discharge current results in too large voltage drop of the battery and insufficient supply voltage of downstream devices

Three excellent ways to reduce audible noise in motion control applications

Post on April 13, 2023
Using advanced real-time control technologies such as motor control circuits with higher power density, higher integration and more efficient systems, better acoustic performance of the system can be achieved
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How to control brushless DC motor?

Post on April 3, 2023
Brushless direct current (BLDC) motors have been widely used in household appliances, industrial equipment and automobiles. While brushless DC motors offer a more reliable and maintainable alternative to traditional brushless motors, they require more sophisticated electronics to drive them

How to achieve precise motion control in industrial actuators

Post on March 23, 2023
How to achieve precise motion control in industrial actuators

Summary of PCB design strategy for GaN drivers

Post on March 13, 2023
The NCP51820 is a 650 V, high-speed, half-bridge driver capable of driving gallium nitride (" GaN ") power switches at dV/dt rates up to 200 V/ns. The full performance advantages of high voltage, high frequency and fast dV/dt edge rate switches can only be realized if the printed circuit board (PCB) can be properly designed to support this power switch. This paper will briefly introduce NCP51820 and the key points of PCB design of high performance GaN half bridge grid driver circuit using NCP51820

Keep the system as low as possible

Post on March 6, 2023
In an increasingly interconnected world, we are increasingly relying on a wide range of electronic instruments and devices, as well as the semiconductors they contain. As a result, it is not surprising to see demand higher than ever for components capable of managing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RMI) in the radio spectrum.

Signal relays - Understand the basics

Post on March 6, 2023
Signal relays are essentially electrically operated electromechanical switches used to control the current in a circuit. A relay uses a magnetic force generated by a control current passing through a coil near a contact to move an internal moving part or contact between the pull and open positions. In this way, small signals can be controlled by large signals. A surname.