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Part Number L482D1013TR
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Datasheet L482D1013TRDatasheet
Package 16-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
In Stock 427 piece(s)
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CategoryIntegrated Circuits (ICs) - PMIC - Power Management - Specialized
Datasheet L482D1013TRDatasheet
Package16-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
Current - Supply25mA
Voltage - Supply6 V ~ 28 V
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 125°C
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Package / Case16-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package16-SO


Page 1

Page 2

L482 July 2003 HALL–EFFECT PICKUP IGNITION CONTROLLER ® .DIRECT DRIVING OF THE EXTERNAL POWER DARLINGTON.COIL CURRENT CHARGING ANGLE (DWELL) CONTROL.COIL CURRENT PEAK VALUE LIMITATION.CONTINUOUS COIL CURRENT PROTECTION.CONDUCTION AND DESATURATION TIME OUTPUT SIGNALS.PERMANENT CONDUCTION PROTECTION RESET OUTPUT SIGNAL.OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION FOR EXTER- NAL DARLINGTON.LOAD DUMP PROTECTION DESCRIPTION The L482 is an integrated circuit designed for use with an NPN darlington in breakerless ignition sys- tems with hall-effect pickup sensors and high energy ignition coils. It controls the energy stored in the ignition coil and the desaturation time of the external darlington to limit the power dissipation. DIP16 ORDERING NUMBERS : L482 (DIP16) L482D1 (SO16) PIN CONNECTIONS (top views) DIP16 SO16 The L482 is also particularly suitable for use as ig- nition control and driving stage in more sophisti- cated car electronic systems which employ microprocessor circuits. SO16 1/11 Ob so let e Pr od uc t(s ) - O bs ole te P ro du ct( s)

Page 3

Ob so let e Pr od uc t(s ) - O bs ole te P ro du ct( s) BLOCK DIAGRAM (*) Thermal resistance junction-aluminia with the device soldered on the middle of an aluminia supporting substrate measuring 15 x 20mm ; 0.65mm thickness with infinite heatsink. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Value Unit VR Reverse Battery Voltage – 14 V VD Dump Voltage 100 V Ptot Power Dissipation at Tamb = 90°C SO16 DIP 1.2 0.65 W W Tj, Tstg Junction and Storage Temperature Range – 55 to 150 °C THERMAL DATA Symbol Parameter Value Unit Rth j-amb Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient (DIP16) Max 90 °C/W Rth j-al Thermal Resistance Junction-alumina (SO16) Max 50 °C/W L482 2/11

Page 4

Ob so let e Pr od uc t(s ) - O bs ole te P ro du ct( s) PIN FUNCTIONS (refer to fig. 3 for DIP16 package) N° Name Function 1 CONDUCTION TIME SIGNAL A low level on this output signal indicates when the external darlington is in the ON condition i.e. when the current flows through the coil (ton in fig.1) 2 HALL-EFFECT INPUT Hall-effect Pickup Input. A high level on this pin enables the current driving into the coil. The effective coil charge will be a function of the dwell control logic. A High to Low transition from the Hall-effect pickup is the signal for ignition actuation. The input signal, supplied by the open collector output stage of the Hall-effect sensor, has a duty cycle typically about 70%. 3 DWELL CONTROL The average voltage on the capacitor C2 connected between this pin and ground depends on the motor speed and the voltage supply. The comparison between VC2 and VC5 voltages determines the timing for the dwell control. The recommended value is 100nF using a 100KΩ resistor at pin 7. For the optimized operation of the device, C2 = C5. 4 DWELL CONTROL TIMER The capacitor C5 connected between this pin and ground is charged when the Hall-effect output is high and is discharged at the High to Low transition of the Hall-effect signal. The recommended value is 100nF using a 100KΩ resistor at pin 7. 5 HALL SENSOR SUPPLY This pin can be used to project the Hall-effect pickup against the voltage transients, The resistor Ra limits the current into the internal zener. 6 DESATURATION TIME SIGNAL Open Collector Output Signal. This output is high when the external darlington is in desaturation condition (current limitation), see td pulse in fig. 1. 7 REFERENCE VOLTAGE A resistor R11 connected between this pin and ground sets the internal current used to drive the external capacitors of the dwell control (C2 and C5) and permanent conduction protection (C1). The recommended value is 100KΩ. 8 PERMANENT CONDUCT. PROTECTION TIMER A capacitor C1 connected between this pin and ground determines the intervention delay of the permanent conduction protection, tpc of the figure 2. With a 1µF capacitor and 100KΩ resistor R11 at pin 7 the typical delay is 1s. 9 PERMANENT CONDUCT. RESET OUTPUT (no available in Micropackage) (*) A low pulse on this output detects the intervention of the permanent conduction protection, as shown in figure 2. Typically the duration of the time tr is more than 100µs. 10 CURRENT SENSING INPUT (*) Connection for Coil Current Limitation. The current is measured on the sense resistor RS and divided on R1/R2. The current limitation value is given by : ISENS = VSENS R1 + R2 RS ⋅ R2 11 DUMP PROTECTION (*) The device is protected against the load dump. In load dump condition an internal circuit, based on a zener diode and a darlington transistor, switches off the external darlington and short circuits the supply. By means of the external divider R8/R9 the protection threshold can be changed and is given as first approximation by: VDth = 8.5 ⋅    R8 + R9 R9    + 5 ⋅ 10−4 ⋅ R8 (the resistor R9 value must be higher than 4KΩ). 12 POWER SUPPLY (*) Supply Voltage Input. A 7V (typ) zener is present at the input. The external resistor R7 limits the current through the Zener for high supply voltages. L482 3/11

Page 5

Ob so let e Pr od uc t(s ) - O bs ole te P ro du ct( s) (*) These pins refer only to the DIP package type. For the SO 16 version the permanent conduction reset output signal is not available and the pin 9 becomes the current sensing i nput. Pin 10 replaces the pin 11 function, pin 11 becomes the power supply input and pin 12 is used as the signal ground. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VS = 14 V, – 40°C ≤ Tj ≤ 125°C referred to application circuit of figure 3 regarding DIP-16 package version) Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit VS Operating Supply Voltage 6 28 V IS Supply Current V12 = 4.5V 25 mA VZ Zener Voltage (pin 12) IZ = 80mA 6.5 8.8 V VI Sensor Input (pin 2) LOW Voltage HIGH 2.5 0.5 V V II Sensor Input Current (pin 2) VI = LOW VS = 6 to 16V –12 –1 mA VHz Hall-cell Supply Zener Voltage (pin5) IHz = 10mA 19 22 25 V IHZ Hall-cell Supply Zener Current (pin5) t = 10ms TAMB = 25°C 100 mA VCE sat (V14–V16) Series Darlington Driver Sat. Voltage Io = 70mA Io = 150mA 0.4 0.6 1.0 V V VSENS Current Limit. Sensing Voltage (pin10) VS = 6 to 16V 200 400 mV I3D I3C I3C/I3D C2 Discharge Current C2 Charge Current VS = 6 to 16V (*) Note 1 0.2 5 6 3.4 20 35 µA µA VOVZ External Darlington Overvoltage Protection Zener Voltage IOVZ = 5mA to 15mA TAMB = 25°C 25 30 35 V V7 Reference Voltage 2.5 3.5 V td Desaturation Time f = 40Hz VS = 14V 0.6 1.2 1.57 ms PIN FUNCTIONS (continued) N° Name Function 13 GROUND This pin must be connected to ground. 14 DRIVER COLLECTOR The collector current for the internal driver which drives the external darlington is supplied through this pin. The external resistor R10 limits the dissipation in the IC. The value of the resistor depends is a function of the darlington used and on the limiting current in the coil. 15 OVERVOLTAGE LIMITATION The external is protected against overvoltage by means of an internal zener available at this pin. The external divider R5/R6 defines the limitation value, given as first approximation by: Vovp =    30 R5 + 5 ⋅ 10−3  ⋅ R6 + 30 16 DRIVING STAGE OUTPUT Current Driver for the External Darlington. To ensure stability and precision of Tdesat C3 and R3 must be used. Recommended value for R3 is 2KΩ in order not to change the open loop gain of the system. RC may be added to C3 to obtain greater flexibility in various application situations. C3 and RC values ranges are 1 to 100nF and 5 to 30KΩ depending on the external darlington type. L482 4/11

Page 6

Ob so let e Pr od uc t(s ) - O bs ole te P ro du ct( s) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Continued) Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit tPC Permanent Conduction Protection Time (pin 8) (see fig. 2) VI = H CI = 1µF 1 3 5 s V1 Charging Angle Output Voltage LOW HIGH ISINK = 0 ISINK = 1mA ISOURCE = 1.5mA ISOURCE = 2.5mA 3 5 0.5 1.2 V V V V V6 Desat. Time Output Low Voltage I6 (sink) = 0.5mA 0.7 V I6L Desat. Time Leakage Current (pin6) V6 = 5V 10.5 µA I9L Permanent Conduction Reset Leakage Current (pin9) V9 = 5V 10.5 µA Figure 1 : Main Waveforms. APPLICATION INFORMATION L482 5/11

Page 7

Ob so let e Pr od uc t(s ) - O bs ole te P ro du ct( s) Figure 2 : Low Frequency Condition and Permanent Conduction Protection. Figure 3 : Application circuit (DIP–16). L482 6/11

Page 8

Ob so let e Pr od uc t(s ) - O bs ole te P ro du ct( s) Figure 4 : Application Circuit (SO–16). CIRCUIT OPERATION The L482 control the conduction time (dwell) and the peak value of the primary current in the coil over the full range of operating conditions. The coil current is limited to a predetermined level by means of a negative feedback circuit including a current sensing resistor, a comparator, the driver stage and the power switch. The dwell control circuit maintains the output stage in its active region during current limitation. The time the output stage is in the active region (desaturation time) is sufficient to compensate for possible vari- ations in the nergy stored due to the acceleration of the motor ; moreover this time is limited to avoid ex- cessive power dissipation. CONTROL OF THE DWELL ANGLE (fig. 1 and 4) The dwell angle control circuit calculates the con- duction time D for the output transistor in relation to the speed of rotation, to the supply voltage and to the characteristic of the coil. On the negative edge of the Hall-effect input signal the capacitor C2 begins discharging with a constant current I3D. When the set peak value of the coil cur- rent is reached, this capacitor charges with a con- stant current I3C = 13.3 x I3D and the coil current is kept constant by desaturating the driver stage and the external darlington. The capacitor C5 starts charging on the positive edge of the Hall-effect input signal with a constant current I4C. The dwell angle, and consequently the starting point of the coil current production, is decided by the com- parison between VC2 and VC5. A positive hysteresis is added to the dwell comparator to avoid spurious effects and C5 is rapidly discharged on the negative edge of Hall-effects input signal. In this way the average voltage on C2 increases if the motor speed decreases and viceversa in order to maintain constant the ratiotd at any motor speed. T td is kept constant (and not d = cost) to control the power dissipation and to have sufficient time to avoid low energy sparks during acceleration. The charging time D – td depends on the coil and the voltage supply. DESATURATION TIMES IN STATIC CONDITION- S.In static conditions, if C2 = C5 as recommended and if the values of the application circuit of fig. 3, 4 are used. td 1 = T 1 + I3C/I3D L482 7/11

Page 9

Ob so let e Pr od uc t(s ) - O bs ole te P ro du ct( s) DESATURATION TIMES IN LOW AND HIGH FRE- QUENCY OPERATION. Due to the upper limit of the voltage range of pin 3, if the components of fig. 3, 4 are used, below 10Hz (300RPM for a 4 cylinder en- gine) the OFF time reaches its maximum value (about 50ms) and then the circuit gradually loses the control of the dwell angle because D = T – 50ms Over 200Hz (6000RPM for a 4 cylinder engine) the available time for the conduction is less than 3.5ms. If the used coil is 6mH, 6A, the OFF time is reduced to zero and the circuit loses the dwell angle control. TRANSIENT RESPONSE. The ignition system must deliver constant energy even during the con- dition of acceleration and deceleration of the motor below 80Hz/s. These conditions can be simulated by means of a signal generator with a linearly modu- lated frequency between 1Hz and 200Hz (this corre- sponds to a change between 30 and 6000RPM for a 4 cylinders engine. CURRENT LIMIT. The current in the coil is moni- tored by measuring the Isense current flowing in the sensing resistor Rs on the emitter of the external dar- lington. Isense is given by : Isense = Icoil + I16 When the voltage drop across Rs reaches the inter- nal comparator threshold value the feedback loop is activated and Isense kept constant (fig. 1) forcing the external darlington in the active region. In this con- dition : Isense = Icoil When a precise peak coil current is required R5 must be trimmed or an auxiliary resistor divider (R1, R2) added : VSENS R1 Icpeak (A) = ( + 1) RS R2 PROTECTION CIRCUIT PERMANENT CONDUCTION PROTECTION The battery voltage is applied to ignition module by means of the ignition key. In these conditions, with the motor stopped, it is necessary that there is no permanent conduction in the ignition coil irrespec- tive of the polarity of the input signal. The L482 incorporates a timing circuit to implement this protection ; the duration of the intervention is set by means of a capacitor C1 at pin 8 = 1µF, and R11 = 100kΩ, when the input signal is high for more than 1 s, the coil current gradually decreases down to zero to avoid spurious sparks (see fig. 2). This timing allows normal operation of the module above 30RPM. DARLINGTON OVERVOLTAGE LIMITATION The darlington is protected against overvoltage by means of an external divider R5/R6 (pin 15) and an internal zener. This zener drives the external dar- lington in order to limit the collector voltage. REVERSE BATTERY PRTOTECTION. Due to the presence of external impedance at pin 5, 10, 11, 14, 15, L482 is protected against reverse battery volt- age. DUMP PROTECTION. The load dump protection withstands up to 100V with a decay time ≤ 300ms. The intervention thre- shold for load dump is fixed by means of an external divider connected to pin 11 (DIP-16 package ver- sion) or to pin 10 using a Micropackage type. NEGATIVE SPIKE PROTECTION.If correct oper- ation is requested also during short negative spikes, the diode DS and capacitor Cs must be used. USE OF THE IC ELECTRONIC ADVANCE SYS- TEM When the device is digitally controlled the control unit transmits a suitable input signal to the power module, receiving in turn information that allows the control of the dwell and the on time of the final tran- sistor. For this reason L482 provides the following outputs : .a time signal equal to the time in which the final Darlington is in the active region i.e. when the coil current is limited (Vds) as shown in figure 1. This signal must be TTL compatible. .a TTL compatible output from the timing circuit (Vrs in figure 2). This pulse, available only using the DIP-16 package version is present after the protection against cranking transients. .a time signal equal to the time in which the final Darlington, is in "on" condition (Von) i.e. when the current flows through the coil, see fig. 1. OTHER APPLICATION INFORMATION If the supply voltage is disconnected - or the battery wire is broken - while the current is flowing through the coil, the external diode D1 keeps the coil current from recirculating into the device : in this way both device and darlington are protected. L482 8/11

Page 10

Ob so let e Pr od uc t(s ) - O bs ole te P ro du ct( s) DIP16 DIM. mm inch MIN. TYP. MAX. MIN. TYP. MAX. a1 0.51 0.020 B 0.77 1.65 0.030 0.065 b 0.5 0.020 b1 0.25 0.010 D 20 0.787 E 8.5 0.335 e 2.54 0.100 e3 17.78 0.700 F 7.1 0.280 I 5.1 0.201 L 3.3 0.130 Z 1.27 0.050 OUTLINE AND MECHANICAL DATA L482 9/11


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