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For Reference Only

Part Number LTL-1CHGE
Manufacturer Lite-On Inc.
Datasheet LTL-1CHGE Datasheet
Package Radial
In Stock 80000 piece(s)
Unit Price $ 0.32 *
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  • To learn about the specification of LTL-1CHGE, please search the datasheet by clicking the link above. If you couldn't find the correct datasheet, please refer to the manufacturer's official datasheet.
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ISO9001:2015, ICAS, IAF, UKAS

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LTL-1CHGE Specifications

ManufacturerLite-On Inc.
CategoryOptoelectronics - LED Indication - Discrete
Datasheet LTL-1CHGE Datasheet
Lens ColorGreen
Lens TransparencyClear
Millicandela Rating40mcd
Lens Style/SizeRound with Domed Top, 3.10mm
Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ)2.1V
Current - Test20mA
Viewing Angle45��
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Wavelength - Dominant573nm
Wavelength - Peak565nm
Package / CaseRadial
Height (Max)5.20mm

LTL-1CHGE Datasheet

Page 1

Page 2

LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION P r o p e r t y o f L i t e - O n O n l y Features * Low power consumption. * High efficiency. * Versatile mounting on P.C. Board or panel. * I.C. Compatible/low current requirement. * 3.1 mm diameter package. Package Dimensions Part No. Lens Source Color LTL-1CHGE Green Transparent Green NOTES: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). 2. Tolerance is ±0.25mm(.010") unless otherwise noted. 3. Protruded resin under flange is 1.0mm(.04") max. 4. Lead spacing is measured where the leads emerge from the package. 5. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Part No. : LTL-1CHGE Page : 1 of 8 BNS-OD-C131/A4

Page 3

LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION P r o p e r t y o f L i t e - O n O n l y Absolute Maximum Ratings at TA=25℃ Parameter Maximum Rating Unit Power Dissipation 100 mW Peak Forward Current (1/10 Duty Cycle, 0.1ms Pulse Width) 120 mA Continuous Forward Current 30 mA Derating Linear From 50℃ 0.4 mA/℃ Reverse Voltage 5 V Operating Temperature Range -55℃ to + 100℃ Storage Temperature Range -55℃ to + 100℃ Lead Soldering Temperature [1.6mm(.063") From Body] 260℃ for 5 Seconds Part No. : LTL-1CHGE Page : 2 of 8 BNS-OD-C131/A4

Page 4

LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION P r o p e r t y o f L i t e - O n O n l y Electrical Optical Characteristics at TA=25℃ Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Test Condition Luminous Intensity IV 12.6 40 mcd IF = 10mA Note 1,4 Viewing Angle 2θ1/2 45 deg Note 2 (Fig.6) Peak Emission Wavelength λP 565 nm Measurement @Peak (Fig.1) Dominant Wavelength λd 568 573 578 nm Note 3 Spectral Line Half-Width Δλ 30 nm Forward Voltage VF 2.1 2.6 V IF = 20mA Reverse Current IR 100 μA VR = 5V Capacitance C 35 pF VF = 0 , f = 1MHz Note: 1. Luminous intensity is measured with a light sensor and filter combination that approximates the CIE (Commission International De L'Eclairage) eye-response curve. 2. θ1/2 is the off-axis angle at which the luminous intensity is half the axial luminous intensity. 3. The dominant wavelength, λd is derived from the CIE chromaticity diagram and represents the single wavelength which defines the color of the device. 4. The Iv guarantee should be added ±15%. Part No. : LTL-1CHGE Page : 3 of 8 BNS-OD-C131/A4

Page 5

LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION P r o p e r t y o f L i t e - O n O n l y Typical Electrical / Optical Characteristics Curves (25℃ Ambient Temperature Unless Otherwise Noted) Part No. : LTL-1CHGE Page : 4 of 8 BNS-OD-C131/A4

Page 6

LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION P r o p e r t y o f L i t e - O n O n l y Packing Spec 1000 pcs per packing bag 10 packing bags per inner carton total 10000 pcs per inner carton 8 Inner cartons per outer carton total 80000 pcs per outer carton Part No. : LTL-1CHGE Page : 5 of 8 BNS-OD-C131/A4

Page 7

LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION P r o p e r t y o f L i t e - O n O n l y CAUTIONS 1. Application The LEDs described here are intended to be used for ordinary electronic equipment (such as office equipment, communication equipment and household applications).Consult Liteon’s Sales in advance for information on applications in which exceptional reliability is required, particularly when the failure or malfunction of the LEDs may directly jeopardize life or health (such as in aviation, transportation, traffic control equipment, medical and life support systems and safety devices). 2. Storage The storage ambient for the LEDs should not exceed 30°C temperature or 70% relative humidity. It is recommended that LEDs out of their original packaging are used within three months. For extended storage out of their original packaging, it is recommended that the LEDs be stored in a sealed container with appropriate desiccant or in desiccators with nitrogen ambient. 3. Cleaning Use alcohol-based cleaning solvents such as isopropyl alcohol to clean the LEDs if necessary. 4. Lead Forming & Assembly During lead forming, the leads should be bent at a point at least 3mm from the base of LED lens. Do not use the base of the leadframe as a fulcrum during forming. Lead forming must be done before soldering, at normal temperature. During assembly on PCB, use minimum clinch force possible to avoid excessive mechanical stress. 5. Soldering When soldering, leave a minimum of 2mm clearance from the base of the lens to the soldering point. Dipping the lens into the solder must be avoided. Do not apply any external stress to the lead frame during soldering while the LED is at high temperature. Recommended soldering conditions : Soldering iron Wave soldering Temperature Soldering time 300°C Max. 3 sec. Max. (one time only) Pre-heat Pre-heat time Solder wave Soldering time 100°C Max. 60 sec. Max. 260°C Max. 10 sec. Max. Note: Excessive soldering temperature and/or time might result in deformation of the LED lens or catastrophic failure of the LED. IR reflow is not suitable process for through hole type LED lamp product. Part No. : LTL-1CHGE Page : 6 of 8 BNS-OD-C131/A4

Page 8

LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION P r o p e r t y o f L i t e - O n O n l y 6. Drive Method An LED is a current-operated device. In order to ensure intensity uniformity on multiple LEDs connected in parallel in an application, it is recommended that a current limiting resistor be incorporated in the drive circuit, in series with each LED as shown in Circuit A below. Circuit model A Circuit model B LED LED (A) Recommended circuit (B) The brightness of each LED might appear different due to the differences in the I-V characteristics of those LEDs 7. ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Static Electricity or power surge will damage the LED. Suggestions to prevent ESD damage: Use a conductive wrist band or anti- electrostatic glove when handling these LEDs All devices, equipment, and machinery must be properly grounded Work tables, storage racks, etc. should be properly grounded Use ion blower to neutralize the static charge which might have built up on surface of the LEDs plastic lens as a result of friction between LEDs during storage and handing ESD-damaged LEDs will exhibit abnormal characteristics such as high reverse leakage current, low forward voltage, or “no light up” at low currents. To verify for ESD damage, check for “light up” and Vf of the suspect LEDs at low currents. The Vf of “good” LEDs should be >2.0V@0.1mA for InGaN product and >1.4V@0.1mA for AlInGaP product. Part No. : LTL-1CHGE Page : 7 of 8 BNS-OD-C131/A4

LTL-1CHGE Guarantees

Service Guarantee

Service Guarantees

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Our experienced sales team and tech support team back our services to satisfy all our customers.

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantees

We provide 90 days warranty.

If the items you received were not in perfect quality, we would be responsible for your refund or replacement, but the items must be returned in their original condition.

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