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16/32 bit microcontroller

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Post Date: 2023-03-16, Microchip Technology

The AT91F40816 is a member of the Atmel AT91 16/32-bit microcontroller family, which is based on the ARM7TDMI processor core. The processor features a high-performance 32-bit RISC architecture, a high density 16-bit instruction set, and very low power consumption. In addition, the large number of internal storage registers results in very fast exception handling, making the device ideal for real-time control applications.

The 8-level priority vector interrupt controller, together with the peripheral data controller, significantly improves real-time device performance. The Atmel AT91F40816 works by integrating a microcontroller with on-chip SRAM and extensive peripheral functionality with 16mbits flash memory in a compact 120-ball BGA package.

The Atmel AT91F40816 provides a powerful, flexible, and economical solution for many computation-intensive embedded control applications, and offers significant board size reduction. Flash memory can be programmed via a JTAG/ICE interface or factory programmed Flash uploader, supplied using a single device, making the AT91F40816 ideal for programmable applications within the system.

Block diagram


AT91F40816 Pinout (Top View)


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