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A new adhesive flexible printed circuit antenna for ISM applications

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Post Date: 2022-08-03, Linx Technologies Inc.

     Linx Technologies has introduced applications for ISM, including Bluetooth, ZigBee and single-band Wi-Fi. The new 2.4GHz series of viscous flexible printed circuit (FPC) antennas,

   "Linx Technologies will continue to expand our popular FPC antenna portfolio with a range of options in the increasingly popular 2.4GHz band," said Rick Stuby, vice president of product management at Linx Technologies. "By offering a variety of options in different sizes and orientations, the 2.4 The GHz FPC series can meet the needs of many different ISM, IoT and Wi-Fi applications.

      The flexibility of this series with an adhesive backing allows the antenna to be easily mounted in an RF transparent (eg plastic) housing, enabling an environmental seal and protecting the antenna from damage. Connect to the radio via a coaxial cable (50mm, 100mm, or 200mm) terminated on the MHF1/U. fl type plug (female socket) or MHF4 plug (female socket) connector. The antenna provides a ground plane independent dipole internal/embedded antenna solution with a compact, low profile design.

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