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Amphenol - Expanded automotive test capabilities with low loss SMA connectors

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Post Date: 2021-06-25, Amphenol RF Division

Amphenol RF announced the expansion of its SMA product line to include 50 ohm connectors optimized for low loss TFC-302LL cables. This lightweight, compact and vibration-proof interface can be used in bulkhead jack, straight jack, straight plug and right angle plug configurations. These connectors are ideal for applications that require low return loss, including automotive testing, wireless systems, and IoT solutions.

The SMA interface supports frequencies up to 18GHz, ensures the best performance through 6GHz (the cut-off frequency of the cable), and uses the popular threaded coupling mechanism. All designs provide crimp terminations, which provide fast and safe assembly, and utilize standard hexagonal crimping tools and welding center contacts. These SMA configurations are machined from brass and plated with nickel or gold.

These SMA connectors are used to terminate TFC-302LL cables manufactured by Times Fiber Communications. This kind of cable provides reliable electrical and mechanical performance by twisting the center conductor, and has the same low loss capability as traditional SMA connectors. Again, these connectors can be used with Leoni Dacar 302 and similar cable types, all of which are very flexible, providing stable impedance and low signal attenuation.

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