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Analog Devices - Audio bus transceivers can tailor performance to stringent EMC demands

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Post Date: 2019-12-04, Analog Devices Inc.
 The Analog Devices AD242xW Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) transceiver provides unprecedented capabilities to customize system-level performance to the most stringent EMC requirements. The transceiver provides configurable transmit power levels, enabling developers to match system performance to specific OEM EMC requirements. The transceiver also distributes audio and control data as well as clock and power over a single unshielded twisted pair, increasing use cases for microphone connections and significantly reducing wiring complexity. These features greatly reduce system costs and are well-suited for emerging multi-microphone applications such as in-vehicle communications, road noise cancellation, and autonomous driving. The transceiver is packaged in a 32-lead LFCSP (5mm x 5mm) and is fully pin-compatible, simplifying upgrades and reducing time to market. These devices also fully comply with all applicable automotive EMC, EMI and ESD requirements, are fully AEC-Q100 compliant, and operate over the extended automotive temperature range (-40C to + 105C).

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