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Analog Devices - Matched resistor network offers great matching specifications over temperature range

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Post Date: 2020-04-01, Analog Devices Inc.

ADI's LT5401 matching resistor network is optimized for use with fully differential or differential amplifiers. The device provides excellent matching specifications over the entire temperature range. The device includes two strings of matched resistors, each of which provides three tap points. The resulting matching ratio is very suitable for accurately setting the gain or attenuation of the differential amplifier.

The matching resistor network can be used to configure the differential or differential gain through the matching rate to ensure high CMRR, low gain error, and low gain drift to achieve a level that is difficult for discrete passive components. Such high accuracy reduces the calibration requirements in many applications and provides ten times higher performance than ± 0.01% discrete solutions.

The device is packaged in a compact 10-lead MSOP with exposed pad. This is to improve the thermal performance in the temperature range of –55C to 150C.

Typical applications include fully differential amplifiers, differential amplifiers, reference dividers and precision sum / subtraction.

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