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Analog Devices - Transceivers provide strong immunity against EMC events

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Post Date: 2020-12-09, Analog Devices Inc.

ADI's ADM2461E/2463E transceivers provide 500kbps and 5.7kVRMS signal isolation RS-485 transceivers, and have passed the EN55032 Class B radiation emission test, and leave a margin on the two-layer PCB.

These transceivers are highly resistant to system-level EMC events and noise. The device has ≥±12kV contact and ≥±15kV air IEC61000-4-2 electrostatic discharge event protection on RS-485 A, B, Y and Z pins. These transceivers provide cable reverse pins to quickly correct reverse cable connections on the A, B, Y, and Z bus pins. These transceivers are optimized for low speeds on long cables and display data rates of up to 500kbps.

Typical applications include ESD and heating, ventilation, air conditioning networks, industrial field buses, building automation and utility networks.

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