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Analog Devices provides multichannel system clock devices

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Post Date: 2023-04-24, Analog Devices Inc.

The AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ multichannel system clock device of Analog Devices. AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ is a standalone device that is ideal for evaluation and prototyping applications that require high precision frequency and phase control source clocks. Based on AD9545 and HMC7044, the device greatly simplifies clock allocation and multi-channel synchronization in complex systems.

AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ is designed for use by trained professionals in a laboratory environment and is not commercially available as a final product. It can be used as a complete reference design or customized for use in a variety of end-customer applications.

AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ uses 1U mechanical dimensions and is equipped with industry-standard SMA and TwinAX interfaces commonly used in laboratories. Its applications include:

● High precision reference clock allocation

● The system clock is provided by a single power supply

● The clock is powered by 100MHz or 122.88MHz

● Phased array system, radar, EW, SATCOMS, SDR

● Desktop equipment

● Remote control

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