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BTS50085-1TMA - Reliable Power Switch Choice

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Post Date: 2024-05-30, Infineon Technologies

In the ever-evolving field of automotive electronics, the need for reliable, efficient power distribution components is higher than ever. As a high-side power switch, the BTS50085-1TMA is an indispensable component for modern automotive applications. In this blog, we will introduce you to the relevant facts, advantages and applications of the BTS50085-1TMA, showing why it is the first choice for next-generation automotive power management systems. If you are interested, please scroll down and continue reading.

What is BTS50085-1TMA?

BTS50085-1TMA is a 5-channel, high-side power switch in smart power technology with integrated short circuit protection and diagnostic feedback. It is designed for automotive applications and has a maximum operating voltage of 40V. The device is capable of driving resistive, capacitive, and inductive loads and can handle a continuous output current of 5A per channel. It features a diagnostic feedback function that provides information on overtemperature, overcurrent, and short circuit conditions, making it suitable for use in safety-critical applications. The BTS50085-1TMA is housed in a PG-DSO-36 package and operates over a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C.

What are the benefits of BTS50085-1TMA

The BTS50085-1TMA high-side power switch offers several advantages for automotive applications. The device features integrated short-circuit protection that helps prevent damage to the switch and connected loads in the event of a short-circuit condition, thereby increasing system reliability and safety. Additionally, its diagnostic feedback feature provides information on overheating, overcurrent, and short-circuit conditions, allowing you to quickly and easily troubleshoot your system and detect faults.

The BTS50085-1TMA has a continuous output current capability of 5A per channel and can drive a variety of resistive, capacitive and inductive loads commonly found in automotive applications. And it has a maximum operating voltage of 40V, making it suitable for various automotive applications where different voltage levels exist.

What can BTS50085-1TMA be used for?

The BTS50085-1TMA high-side power switch applies to a variety of automotive applications, such as motor control, lighting control, power distribution, heating and cooling systems, etc.


1. A device for controlling power to motors in power windows, sunroofs, windshield wipers and other vehicle powered components.

2.It can be used to control the power supply of lighting systems inside and outside the car, such as headlights, taillights, brake lights, dashboard lights, etc.

3.The switch will distributes power to the various electronic components and subsystems in the vehicle, ensuring efficient power management and protection from overcurrent and short-circuit conditions.

4. It can act as a power switch that controls heating elements, such as seat heaters or defrosters, and cooling systems, such as radiator fans.

Final Words

In conclusion, the BTS50085-1TMA power switch delivers superior performance and ruggedness to vehicles, meeting key automotive consumer needs including enhanced safety, efficiency and functionality. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, components like the BTS50085-1TMA ensure that vehicles remain at the forefront of technological innovation, setting new standards in automotive power distribution technology.

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