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Basic CAN FD transceivers fully meet ISO 11898-2:2016 requirements

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Post Date: 2019-07-29, Analog Devices Inc.
The Analog Devices ADM3050 basic CAN FD transceiver is a 5.7kVrms isolated CAN physical layer transceiver capable of providing a data rate of 15Mbps. These transceivers fully meet the requirements of CAN Flexible Data Rate (CAN FD) ISO 11898-2: 2016. The ADM3050 transceiver uses iCoupler technology to couple a two-channel isolator and a CAN transceiver into a SOIC surface-mount package. These transceivers provide isolation between the CAN controller and the physical layer bus. These transceivers have a low maximum loop propagation delay of 145ns, an extended common-mode range of �� 25V, bus fault protection of �� 40V, and a controlled manufacturing benchmark. These devices support defense and aerospace applications. Typical applications include CANOpen, DeviceNet, industrial automation, defense and aerospace electronics.

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