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Bourns - Miniature resettable TCO for smartphones and portable electronics batteries

Technology Cover
Post Date: 2019-10-27, Bourns Inc.
Bourns introduced the company's smallest miniature resettable thermal shutdown (TCO) device, which is designed for overheating and overcurrent protection in lithium polymer and prismatic batteries. The CB type is the company's next-generation axial-lead TCO device, which can actually control abnormalities instantaneously and excessive current until it reaches the rated limit. This latest series is more than 26% smaller than its NR series, but has the same current carrying capacity. The device has a height of only 0.8mm and a body width of only 2.5mm. It is very suitable for small batteries in smartphones and portable electronic products, but its high current carrying capacity also makes it very suitable for next-generation laptop and tablet batteries. The CB-type series offers resistance levels as low as 2.2 milliohms, has a current capability from 60A to 11A at 60 ° C, and has solder highlight options. These new miniature resettable TCO devices offer four trip temperature options of 72 ° C, 77C, 82C, and 85C with tolerances of ± 5C. Temperature options can be further narrowed as required. In addition, the CB series structure uses a highly corrosion-resistant bimetal mechanism to resist most humid environments. The device is now RoHS-certified and UL-recognized, and is halogen-free.

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