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Diodes Incorporated - Power supply controller for battery charger and adapter applications

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Post Date: 2020-09-01, Diodes Incorporated

The high-performance Diodes Incorporated AP3781 AC/DC power controller is very suitable for battery charger and adapter applications, and can adjust the output voltage and current of the primary side. The device provides PFM in discontinuous conduction mode. The device works in PFM mode and peak current AM mode, which can create fine tuning of the frequency curve over the entire power range. The device has a high average efficiency and improved audible noise.

The device provides externally adjustable overheat protection. Multi-band AM / PFM control mode can improve audio noise and efficiency. Ultra-low undervoltage protection provides a wide working voltage for the motor drive of electric tools. The device is completely lead-free and fully RoHS compliant, and is a "green" device that is halogen- and antimony-free.

Typical applications include routers, power tools, set-top box power supplies, smart speakers and network adapters.

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