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Environmental sensors provide superior performance, accuracy and stability

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Post Date: 2019-05-26, Bourns Inc.
Bourns has expanded its environmental sensor product line with an ultra-low 0.15 for 1.0PSI pressure sensors. Bourns' BPS110 / BPS120 pressure sensors are based on the latest MEMS technology and provide extremely accurate status readings in a miniature package size. These devices are designed to provide superior performance in applications requiring precision and provide fully calibrated and compensated outputs for more efficient processes and long-term stability to provide reliable repeatability. These features make the company's new pressure sensors an ideal solution for a variety of industrial, consumer and medium / low-risk medical designs, including portable oxygen generators, nebulizers, CPAP devices, diagnostic spirometers, and gas chromatograph devices. Bourns, Inc. Sensor and Control Product Line Manager Alain Leon said, "What sets Bourns apart is that our rigorous focus on quality and expert technical support is backed by Bourns' global supply chain. Another benefit is that we can leverage Bourns' decades of medical market experience in meeting new application needs for high precision, miniaturization and sensitive sensor technology can help designers increase and expand the use of healthcare equipment and devices. " The sensor provides extremely high sensitivity and stability, with a TEB of 1.5% FS and a lifetime drift of 0.5% FS in the temperature range of 0C to + 60C (six sigma process). The new sensor model helps reduce system calibration requirements and helps support normal system operation. Its compensated plug-and-play functionality reduces development time and provides superior design flexibility for use in analog (BPS110) or digital systems (BPS120), where these systems can be obtained from digital interfaces or analog outputs Amplified calibration pressure signal.

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