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Infineon - Low-side gate drivers offer integrated over-current protection

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Post Date: 2020-04-02, Infineon Technologies

Infineon 1ED44175N01B 25V low-side gate driver provides integrated OCP, fault reporting and facilitates functionality. Overcurrent protection is usually achieved by using comparators, multiple resistors and capacitors for current measurement. The device saves cost and space by combining comparators. 1ED44175N01B EiceDRIVER 25V single-channel, low-side, non-inverting gate driver for MOSFETs and IGBTs in a miniature six-lead PG-SOT23 package with a typical 2A source and sink current

The gate driver uses the company's proprietary latch-immunity CMOS technology to achieve a robust overall structure. The technology achieves first-class fault reporting accuracy with an OCP threshold tolerance of +/- 5%. In addition, the company's IC technology provides a miniature PG-SOT23 package by combining the fault output and enable functions into a single pin.

Typical applications are household appliances, indoor air conditioners, refrigerators, small household appliances, induction cookers, electromagnetic rice cookers, microwave ovens and power supplies (SMPS).

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