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Infineon Technologies - Three phase gate driver offers superior robustness

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Post Date: 2021-03-01, Infineon Technologies

Infineon has expanded its level-shifting EiceDRIVER product portfolio with 1200V three-phase gate drivers. It is based on the company's unique silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. The device has leading negative VS transient immunity, excellent latch-up immunity, fast overcurrent protection and true monolithic integration of bootstrap diodes. These special features reduce the bill of materials and achieve a more robust design in a compact form factor, which is very suitable for industrial drives and embedded inverter applications.

The level-shifting gate driver 6ED2230 has 350mA/650mA source and drain drive capabilities. Due to the integrated dead time, it can stop the pass-through. The integrated overcurrent protection comparator has a reference threshold accuracy of +/- 5%, which provides fast, repeatable and reliable switching protection. The integrated bootstrap diode provides ultra-fast reverse recovery with a very low typical resistance of 40Ω.

The negative VS transient voltage immunity of -100V can repeat 700ns wide pulses, helping to achieve excellent robustness and reliable operation. The low-voltage side and high-voltage side power supplies provide independent UVLO to ensure safe operation. The unique DSO-24 footprint can separate the low voltage and high voltage at both ends of the package to further improve the electrical clearance and creepage distance.

The device can also be in the form of DSO-24 300 mil package (industry standard DSO-28 package size), with a unique footprint. The package can reduce the number of pins, thereby providing a higher 2kV ESD rating based on the human body model.

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