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KEMET - Metal composite power inductors for automotive applications

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Post Date: 2020-04-08, KEMET

KEMET has released a new series of metal composite power inductors to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive market. The MPXV products provided enhance the company's METCOM product range, and comply with AEC-Q200 certification, can be used in the automotive field.

The new power inductors provide effective power conversion while reducing EMI, and are very suitable for DC to DC switching power supplies to accommodate more and more ECUs in automotive systems.

This series is optimized for the automotive market. In the automotive market, the demand for electronic systems is increasing and the adoption requires high efficiency, low self-heating and low power consumption. The metal composite iron core of this series of inductors has industry-leading high magnetic permeability, which can meet these requirements. The quality of the inductor makes it ideal for use in designs where thermal considerations are critical to avoid adverse effects on other critical systems.

These inductors come in various industry-standard SMD packages, can operate at temperatures up to 155C, and have low electrical noise, making them usable in all areas of the vehicle-as well as challenging work under the hood and powertrain surroundings. The metal composite material is molded around the core of the inductor coil, so it plays a role in shielding adjacent electronic equipment from magnetic flux, otherwise it may cause interference to sensitive systems. These devices meet the requirements of the AEC-Q200 standard, and they are ideal for even the most demanding automotive applications.

Dr. Philip Lessner, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of KEMET, said: "Our experience and expertise in the development and production of high permeability inductor materials have enabled us to introduce superior performance devices to meet and exceed the latest applications in industries such as automotive Demand. "Officer. "With its powerful performance, high reliability and energy-saving features, MPXV inductors are a perfect example and provide reliable, easy-to-design solutions."

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