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Maxim - Adjustable current-limit switches feature internal current limiting to stop damage

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Post Date: 2019-11-06, Maxim Integrated
The Maxim Integrated MAX20333 adjustable current-limiting switch has an internal current-limiting function to prevent damage to the host device due to incorrect load conditions. These switches have a low on-resistance of 23mOhm (typical) and operate over an input voltage range of + 3.5V to + 22V. The switch provides three working modes: normal mode (NM), high current mode (HCM) and low power mode (LPM). In HCM, the current limit threshold is multiplied by 2, and the internal upper limit is set to 5.5A. The voltage on SETI is proportional to the current flowing into IN, but multiplied by a factor of 0.5. In LPM, the current consumption of the device is greatly reduced, with an on-resistance of 420mOhm (typical), while still providing overcurrent protection. When the current through the switch exceeds 0.4A (typical), the switch is turned off. The device can react in three different ways when current is limited: auto-retry, latch-up, and continuous. These switches are available in 15-ball (2.1mm x 1.52mm) WLP packages and operate over the -40C to + 85C extended temperature range. Typical applications include USB port protection switches, battery disconnect switches and universal power switches.

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