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Maxim Integrated MAX22502E rs-485 / rs-422 transceiver

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Post Date: 2022-11-24, Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated's MAX22502EATC+is a full duplex, esd protected RS-485/RS-422 transceiver that can be optimized for high-speed (up to 100 Mbps) communication over long cables. The transceiver has high noise suppression and improved signal integrity. The integrated pre emphasis circuit allows to extend the distance and increase the data rate of reliable communication by reducing the intersymbol interference (ISI) caused by the 5v power supply of long cables. The integrated heat exchange protection and fault detection receiver ensure that the logic output of the receiver is high when the input signal is empty or open for more than 10 μ Age (typ).

Pin Configuration


The MAX22502EATC+is available in a 12 pin TDFN-EP (3 mm x 3 mm) package. The operating temperature range is - 40 ° C to+125 ° C. The transceiver is flexible, uses a supply voltage range of 3 V to 5.5 V, and has a low shutdown current.

Simplified Structure of the Driver Enable (DE) Pin


Full-Duplex Point-to-Point Application Circuit


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