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MicroConverter, dual-channel 16-bit adc with embedded Flash MCU

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Post Date: 2023-04-06, Analog Devices Inc.

The ADUC816 is a complete smart sensor front end that integrates two high-resolution sigma-delta ADCs, an 8-bit MCU and program/data Flash/EE memory on a single chip. ADUC816 is packaged in a 52-pin MQFP package. The unit operates from a single 3v or 5v power supply. The unit consumes less than 10mw when using a 3v power supply and is packaged with 52-pin MQFP and 56-pin LFCSP.

Pin function description


This low-power device receives low-level signals directly from the transducer. The two separate ADCs (primary and secondary) consist of a temperature sensor and a PGA(which allows direct measurement of low-level signals). adc with digital filter on chip is suitable for the measurement of wide dynamic range, low frequency signals, such as weighing scales, strain gauges, pressure sensors, or temperature measurement applications.

ADC output data rate is programmable, ADC output resolution will vary with programming gain and output rate. The device generates a high frequency clock of 12.58 MHz from a 32 kHz crystal with an on-chip phase-locked loop. This clock in turn passes through a programmable clock divider, from which the operating frequency of the MCU core clock is generated. The core of the microcontroller is 8052, so it is compatible with the 8051 instruction set.

Functional block diagram


Detailed functional block diagram


The microcontroller core machine cycle consists of 12 core clock cycles of the selected core operating frequency. 8k bytes of non-volatile Flash/EE program memory are provided on the chip. The chip also integrates 640 bytes of non-volatile Flash/EE data storage and 256 bytes of RAM.

The ADUC816 also integrates additional analog capabilities, including a 12-bit DAC, current source, power monitor, and bandgap reference. Digital on-chip peripherals include a watchdog timer, a time interval counter, three timers/counters, and three serial I/O ports (SPI, UART, and I2 c compatible). On-chip factory firmware supports online serial download and debug mode (via UART), as well as single pin emulation mode via EA pins.

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