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Microchip - New Ethernet PHYs enhance networks scalability and functionality

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Post Date: 2021-09-22, Microchip Technology

As digital networks increasingly connect machines, production line equipment and robots, intelligent manufacturing is driving the improvement of automation efficiency. OT and IT networks that are critical to IIoT rely on Ethernet to achieve interoperability, speed up data transmission, and ensure security. The LAN867x series 10BASE-T1S PHY is a new solution introduced by Microchip Technology today, which can extend the Ethernet connection to the edge of the industrial network, simplify the architecture and reduce the risk for designers.

The company's Ethernet PHY transceiver is a high-performance, small-footprint device that facilitates connection with standard system equipment, including actuators and sensors that require its own communication system in the early days.

With these devices, the full Ethernet infrastructure in OT and IT systems can be extended to the edge of the network. These devices eliminate the requirement for gateways, which used to have to be used when interconnecting incompatible communication systems. A single pair of wires reduces costs, while a multipoint bus architecture reduces the need for expensive switches and improves scalability. Multiple nodes can work with high data throughput on the same bus.

The LAN8670, LAN8671, and LAN8672 Ethernet PHYs are the first products in the industry that have been created and verified by the new single-pair Ethernet 10BASE-T1S standard released by IEEE. 10BASE-T1S can meet the challenge of producing a full Ethernet architecture for industrial applications, including process control, building automation, and system integration with multiple interconnect technologies. This configuration is conducive to multipoint (bus) topology, fewer cables, development on the PCB, with up to at least eight nodes and a range of at least 25m.

"Microchip's 10Base-T1S technology provides advantages for our end-to-cloud integration, enabling simpler and more cost-effective ways to connect products, controls, software, and services," said Julien Michel, Schneider Electric Interconnect System project leader. "This technology will help make the most of our energy and resources to achieve progress and sustainability for all."

"For industrial system architects and designers, interconnecting many different communication devices and technologies is often difficult and error-prone," said Matthias Kaestner, vice president of automotive. "Using 10BASE-T1S Ethernet simplifies these interconnections and enhances interoperability and speed, which is critical in an industrial environment."

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