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Microchip announces the PIC16F13145 family of MCUS, promoting new developments in customizable logic

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Post Date: 2024-03-18, Microchip Technology

To meet the growing demand for customization in embedded applications, Microchip Technology introduced the PIC16F13145 series of microcontrollers (MCUS) to provide tailor-made hardware solutions. This family of MCUS is equipped with a new kernel-independent peripheral (CIP) that allows you to configure logic block modules to create custom hardware-based combined logic functions directly within the MCU.

Thanks to its integration into the MCU, CLB enables designers to optimize the speed and response time of embedded control systems without the need for external logic elements, reducing bill of materials (BOM) costs and power consumption. Graphical interface tools help to synthesize custom logic designs using CLB, further simplifying the process. The PIC16F13145 series is designed to manage real-time control systems in industrial and automotive applications using custom protocols, task sequencing or I/O control.

Greg Robinson, Microchip's vice president in charge of the 8-bit MCU business unit, said: "Configurable Logic Unit (CLC) modules have been integrated into Microchip MCUS for more than a decade, and the newly released CLB module is the next stage in the evolution of our customizable logic products, enabling this family of MCUS to be used for applications that are typically within the realm of stand-alone programmable logic devices." There are few single-chip solutions on the market today that solve embedded engineers' design challenges like the PIC16F131 series MCUS. The new MCU can handle custom logic functions, minimize power consumption, simplify design, and adapt to changing design requirements."

Because CLB operates independently of CPU clock speed, it improves system latency and provides a low-power solution. CLB can be used to make logical decisions in CPU sleep mode, further reducing power consumption and software dependency. The PIC16F13145 MCU also includes a fast 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with built-in computing capabilities, an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (DAC), fast comparators, 8-bit and 16-bit timers, and serial communication modules (I2C and SPI), making it possible to perform many system-level tasks without a CPU. The series will be available in a variety of packages from 8-pin to 20-pin.


Development tool

The PIC16F13145 series MCUS are supported by the MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC), a free software plug-in in the MPLAB X IDE that provides a simple GUI-based interface for configuring devices and on-board peripherals, including the CLB. This interface provides advanced users with the option to use hardware Description Language (HDL) to design the required custom logic through schematics, thereby reducing development time. The new synthesizer is available in two options: integration into MCC, and online at logic.microchip.com. The PIC16F131 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit provides comprehensive support for designing with the PIC16F131 family, coordinating a seamless embedded development experience and reducing time to market.

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