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Murata - Metal terminal type MLCCs offer high voltage tolerance

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Post Date: 2021-03-01, Murata

Murata Electronics offers two new metal terminal MLCC series with temperature compensation U2J characteristics. The KCM production line for automotive applications has low loss and excellent stable performance under high voltage, high temperature and high frequency. Similarly, the circuit is designed for general functions, and its specific model has a rated voltage of 1,250VDC. Both are mainly used in IGBT snubber circuits commonly used in automobiles and industrial equipment.

The snubber circuit shields the power supply device by stopping the occurrence of high-voltage spikes during the entire switching process. The capacitor component in the circuit absorbs the surge voltage generated by the inductance of the transformer or wiring, and shields the switching element and peripheral components. As the use of compact internal modules becomes more and more common in automobiles and industrial equipment, the demand for small electronic components that can withstand high temperatures is also growing.

Takanori Hibino, European Capacitor Product Manager of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said: “Murata once again used our technical expertise to develop and deliver new KCM and KRM product lines.” “The result: Compared with similar products that use ceramics with high dielectric constants. These new MLCCs have lower losses and less heat generation. Because the temperature-compensated ceramics we use have minimal capacitance changes, these solutions can easily handle large voltages during switching."

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