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NXP – New MCUs support complex algorithms in data-intensive applications (LPC4300 Series)

Technology Cover
Post Date: 2015-05-27, NXP
NXP's LPC4300 series microcontrollers have the high performance and flexibility of an asymmetric dual-core architecture (ARM Cortex-M4F and Cortex-M0 coprocessors), and combine multiple high-speed connection options, advanced timers, analog and Optional safety features. All LPC43xx series have DSP capabilities, enabling them to support complex algorithms in data-intensive applications. They are available as Flash and Flashless options to support large, flexible internal and external memory configurations. They also have pin and software compatibility with the LPC1800 series MCUs, enabling the LPC43xx MCUs to provide a seamless migration path to increase processing power and increase the flexibility to partition application tasks across cores. The combination of these functions and advantages makes the LPC4300 series MCU an ideal solution for smart meters. Embedded audio; industrial automation and control, telematics, white goods, electronics, power management; point-of-sale equipment; medical and fitness equipment, diagnostic equipment; securely connected gateways, secure communication hubs; automotive aftermarket, including Telematics; the company says data collectors and navigation capabilities.