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NXP - New 180W LDMOS transistor suits industrial, scientific and medical needs (NXP BLF2425M6LS180P)

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Post Date: 2015-04-14, NXP
NXP's BLF2425M6LS180P 180W LDMOS transistor is covering the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency band from 2400MHz to 2500MHz. BLF2425M6LS180P applications range from solid state heating to RF plasma lamps to RF plasma torches. It provides a gain of 13.3dB and uses a 28V power supply with an efficiency of up to 53.5%. The device is internally matched for ease of use and integrates ESD protection. Compared to alternative products such as solid-state magnetrons, easy power control is a highlight of solid-state equipment and provides a highly reliable, efficient and controllable clean power supply for industrial heating applications.