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New type Y2 high temperature capacitor

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Post Date: 2022-05-08, TDK Corporation

    TDK offers a new EPCOS MKP-Y2 series of interference suppression capacitors. The capacitor delivers stable capacitance values even under harsh environmental conditions, as demonstrated by thermal humidity bias tests at 85 ° C boundary conditions, 85% relative humidity, operating voltage 240VAC, and lasting 500 hours. 

     The maximum allowable operating temperature of the new capacitor is 125℃, compared with 110℃ of the traditional model. B3202*H/J series capacitor range is 1nF ~ 1µF, the maximum rated voltage is 300VAC.

      Certified by IEC 60384-14:1313 /AMD1:2016, certified by AEC-Q200D, UL and EN. According to the capacitance size, lead spacing is 10mm (B32021H/J*), 15mm (B32022H/J*), 22.5 mm (B32023H/J*), 27.5mm (B32024H/J*), 37.5mm (B32026H/J). Enclosures, such as potting material, correspond to UL94V-0.

     Typical applications of the new Y2 capacitors include filters and interference suppression at high operating temperatures.

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