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OmniVision Releases USB3.2/4.0 High Speed Signal Line Transient Overvoltage Protection Device TVS

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Post Date: 2022-08-05, OmniVision Technologies Inc

      Mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices are inseparable from daily work and life. Every time you plug and unplug the USB charging/data cable, there may be interference from electrostatic discharge (ESD) or low-voltage surge. If the protection is not in place, it will cause an abnormality or crash, and the system needs to be restarted. In severe cases, the port circuit will be permanently damaged and the device cannot be used.

      How to deal with the transient overvoltage of such ports is a problem that must be considered in the design process. At present, the transient overvoltage protection devices on the market are mainly varistor MOV, transient voltage suppressor TVS, polymer ESD protection devices, etc. Among them, TVS has the advantages of fast response speed, low clamping voltage, high consistency and long service life, etc. The advantage is that it is an ideal protection device to deal with over-electrical stress such as electrostatic ESD or surge surge on equipment ports.

    In the accumulation of continuing to provide high-performance solutions for mobile phones, computers and other application fields, OmniVision has launched SCR process characteristic protection devices, which have ultra-low clamping voltage and ultra-low junction capacitance characteristics, and have better protection effect than conventional process TVS. , and does not affect the signal integrity, it can more effectively protect the USB port from transient overvoltage, strengthen the protection for related electronic products and equipment, and improve the consumer experience.

      USB3.2 TXRX high-speed signal line protection device, taking into account electrostatic discharge ESD and low-voltage surge protection The overvoltage protection requirement of low voltage surge (1.2/50us) is suitable for providing excellent transient overvoltage protection effect for the TXRX high-speed signal line of the USB3.2 interface. (VRWM=1.5V, VCL = 3V&IPP = 4.5A (8/20us) )

     OmniVision TVS solution has a variety of different package sizes, provides ultra-low clamping voltage, unidirectional, bidirectional, common capacitance, low capacitance and other rich options, can meet the transient overvoltage of various types of electronic circuits or chips. Protection needs

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