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Qorvo Provides Large-Range, High-Efficiency Wi-Fi FEMs for Smart Home and IoT Applications

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Post Date: 2022-09-21, United Chemi-Con

    Qorvo Inc introduces a small and compact Integrated Front End Module (iFEM) that provides efficient and reliable whole-home coverage for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and eventually Wi-Fi 7 systems. Compared to competing products, the QPF7250 iFEM extends Wi-Fi range by 30% while increasing capacity to support more access points for smart homes and IoT.

     Qorvo's QPF7250 integrates a 2.4 GHz power amplifier (PA) with DC and RF power detector, FCC edgeBoost bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter, transmit/receive switch (SP2T) and low noise amplifier with bypass in a single device (LNA). With Qorvo edgeBoost filtering technology, you can meet regulatory requirements without reducing output power on any Wi-Fi channel, maximizing capacity and coverage. Its power amplifier is optimized for efficiency and consumes 0.35 watts less than previous generations.

     "Qorvo's new iFEM provides excellent power efficiency, delivering 1.4 watts of power savings in a 4-stream router, better than any other product in its class," said Tony Testa, director of product marketing for Qorvo's wireless connectivity products. "The QPF7250 is very compact, enabling a smaller, Access points and wireless routers with less interference are possible. This device is the newest addition to Qorvo's growing line of highly integrated products that will address the operational and architectural flexibility needs of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 systems, including Home gateways, routers and enterprise deployment solutions.”

      The QPF7250 iFEM consumes 15% less power and generates less heat, while increasing the range by approximately 10% with regulatory-compliant higher power and high throughput on Wi-Fi channels 1 to 11. This improves the range, capacity and coexistence of all available channels, resulting in a dramatic increase in quality of service. Qorvo iFEM reduces time-to-market by addressing integration challenges within the module and delivering RF-tested, reliable performance. The reduction in the number of parts also reduces BOM costs and total cost of ownership.

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