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ROHM - Power supply ICs contributes to improved reliability and functionality

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Post Date: 2021-09-27, Rohm Semiconductor

ROHM has introduced the built-in MOSFET step-down DC-DC converter ICs BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ, which support high voltage and current in factory automation equipment, including high-power PLC/inverters and 5G base stations.

The company uses a vertically integrated production system and advanced power technology to develop power ICs for the industrial market where reliability and long-term supply are as important as product features. It recently developed a DC-DC converter IC that supports higher voltage and current.

These devices are non-isolated DC-DC converter ICs, developed using proprietary analog design technology based on high-voltage BiCDMOS power supply technology, and can provide the required power functions for increasingly complex industrial equipment.

In addition to providing the first-class 80V withstand voltage for the 48V power system, the built-in MOSFET BD9G500EFJ-LA provides the largest output current (5A) in its class, increasing the charging and 5G-based higher reliability and functionality to manage high-power power stations . At the same time, the BD9F500QUZ with built-in nano-pulse control technology achieves a high step-down ratio, providing 39V withstand voltage and 5A output current in a compact and thin package (3mm x 3mm x 0.4mm). In addition, the product has an over-current protection function and can select SEL1/SEL2 pins. These features are very suitable for 24V power supply systems-allowing higher functions and smaller miniaturization to be supported in a wide range of advanced industrial equipment.

Application examples of BD9G500EFJ-LA include 48V power supply systems, including power amplifiers for servers, charging stations and 5G base stations that require 48V power input; electric bicycles, power tools, and other applications that require 48V/60V power input; household appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, Applications where washing machines and other motors are exposed to large surge voltages; BD9F500QUZ’s 24V power supply system covers surveillance cameras and factory automation equipment, such as PLCs and inverters that require 24V power input; seeding power supplies for low-voltage control systems, including FPGA and SoC installed in various industrial equipment.

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