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STMicroelectronics ST-ONE series USD PD controller power increase to 140W

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Post Date: 2023-04-18, STMicroelectronics

     STMicroelectronics has introduced the ST-ONEHP, an integrated digital controller chip certified by the USB-IF specification for USB Power Delivery Extended Power Range (USB PD 3.1 EPR). Inside the ST-ONEHP, the Arm® Cortex®-M0+ microcontroller is responsible for overall control. The microcontroller comes pre-installed with certified USB PD firmware, which simplifies the approval process for the final product to qualify for the USB logo. The microcontroller has 64KByte flash memory and can store custom power conversion firmware.

     As the third controller in the ST-ONE series, the ST-ONEHP has an output voltage of 28V, which simplifies the development and design of chargers and power adapters with a maximum rated power of 140W. Using the ST-ONE architecture, the converter is a non-complementary active clamp flyback zero-voltage switch (ZVS) topology that ensures excellent energy efficiency at high power outputs and switching frequencies for applications.

    The chip integrates basic functions such as secondary rectifier and USB PD communication interface, saving material cost and PCB size and layout complexity. Built-in synchronous rectifier tubes help maximize energy efficiency, and enhanced current isolation circuits allow designers to develop a compact and secure solution.

     The reference design volume of the charger is 90cm3, which corresponds to the industry-advanced power density of 25W/in3, with a peak energy efficiency of over 94%. From an environmental perspective, the charger uses only a quarter of the plastic and is 2% more efficient than a typical charger. If all chargers manufactured globally used these products, CO2 emissions would be reduced by 3.5 million tonnes.

    The ST-ONEHP is packaged with SSOP36 leads and is ideal for use with stmicroelectronics' MasterGaN chips that integrate the company's third-generation gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors and optimized gate drivers in a single package. Compared to traditional silicon transistors, this SiP solution reduces the difficulty of sampling GaN technology in energy saving applications and has advantages such as higher thermal performance and switching energy efficiency.

     Complementing the benefits of ST-ONE converters, MasterGaN helps maximize performance and switching frequency by using smaller passive components. By integrating the ST-ONEHP controller and the 9mm x 9mm MasterGaN1 half-bridge power stage, stmicroelectronics has produced an EVLONE140W charger reference design that is smaller than the standard 65W laptop charger.

ST-ONEHP Pin connections and block diagram





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